Saturday, September 22, was a fantastic day. The sun was shining and the sky was all blue. Normally, it rains and pours and often what you see in the streets are people with umbrellas pulled down in front of their faces. This weekend however we all noticed that the people changed dramatically, they became happier, more energetic and full of life. And so did we.

Ever since we first got to Bergen we have been talking about getting a view of the city from  one of the seven mountains surrounding it. Luckily, we waited until now. However, before starting our hike we decided to check out Torgallmenningen – Bergen´s main square – as we had noticed lots of stands and people there earlier the same morning.

And it was pretty cool. One of the stands was made up by a humanitarian organisation ran by the medicine students of Bergen. In the middle of Torgallmenningen they had set up nothing less than a «Teddy Bear Hospital». Wearing their white scrubs and having their doctor-equipment with them, they encouraged kids to bring their Teddy Bears in for a medical check. The kids were incredibly focused and a bit anxious when watching their favorite Teddy being examined, but very happy when Teddy was returned in better shape then ever. It was supercute!

Feeling the subtle warmth of the Teddy Bear hospital AND the sun we then took ourselves up to Fløyfjellet. We took the funicular up the first part, before walking the trail up to the top. Along the way the view got better and better for each turn we took and I think all our cameras´memory cards were filled up by the time we got to the top. Diana and Adelaida were a bit amazed also by the fact that most Norwegians ‘dress up’ when going for a short hike. I had to confirm that yes, Norwegians care about their hiking equipment.

The view from Fløien is spectacular, even for a Norwegian guy, and it offers a different perspective of the city. When walking the streets of Bergen you never really realize the awesomeness of the city´s location. From an elevated position however, you do. You see the mountains framing the city and the fjords. You see the ports and quays. It really is a great sight and anyone visiting the city should go up, up, up.


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