Verden i Bergen has been arranged since 2002 and the project’s main aim is to create a safe, fun and learning arena for kids and youth with different cultural backgrounds. Verden i Bergen cooperates amongst others with the asylum reception centres in Bergen. 

On Thursday 11th and Friday 12th of October the Con Lupa team together with some fantastic volunteers – Maren, Hedvig, Rawan and Kristoffer (and Ingvild on Friday afternoon!) – arranged activity days in Ytre Arna. Frivilligsentralen became our campsite thanks to great support from Geir and the others at the house.

Together with Tonni at Arna Asylum Reception Center we managed to get around 20-25 kids from Arna to participate in addition to 6 CISVers. One of our main aims with the two days were to give the kids an organised activity alternative in their autumn holidays and create cross-cultural friendships.

As you can see of the pictures – we had a great time! We did name games, communication games, running games and arts and crafts. The Blanket Game, Fax Machine, Musical Chairs, Fantasy Islands, Origami, Pony Song, Perikaté, O le le, you name it! We felt like we did an entire village in two days:)

Thank you kids, volunteers, Frivilligsentralen and  Tonni v/Arna Mottakssenter!

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