TV-aksjonen’ – the annual TV fundraiser – have so far (00:57 Monday 22nd of October) collected 200 289 668 kroners (
35 396 873 USD) for Amnesty International. Andrea and I contributed by knocking on doors in Slettebakken outside Bergen. 

On what turned out to be a great sunny Sunday, Andrea and I met at Slettebakken Church to receive our ‘money-buckets’ (a small bucket with a hole in it so that people can put money in the bucket…). We got a designated route and spent around two hours knocking on people’s doors asking for a contribution to this year’s TV-aksjon and Amnesty International. We had a great time out in the sun and the people that were home were generally generous. When we returned to our Fundraiser HQ at Slettebakken Church our buckets were a lot more heavy, filled up with both coins and notes from people of Slettebakken.

If you did not have any bucket-carriers visiting you, or you were somewhere else, it is not too late:

We documented our fundraising experience with a cell phone and horrible movie-making skills. Anyways, check it out