Amnesty International is probably the most known and influential NGO working on Human Rights internationally. It was founded in 1961 -13 years after the UDHR and before the two main international covenants on HR were signed- and has worked since then for the defense of Human Rights worldwide. In their words, their aim is 

“to conduct research and generate action to prevent and end grave abuses of human rights, and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated”. (Read more about their purpose here).

They are mostly known for working through campaigns, letters and lobbying to put pressure on politicians, corporations and state administrators that violate or allow the violation of human rights. The organization has also researched and collected information about Human Rights for decades; their huge library on Human Rights is available  on their website for anyone wanting to learn or engage in human rights activism.

Yet another important part of what Amnesty does is to educate about and for human rights. They offer courses and workshops for educators and activists, and they have developed tools and texts that work as a base or starting point for teachers and facilitators holding activities and lectures on different issues regading Human Rights. You can contact Amnesty in your country in case you want to organize a workshop with them, like the one Con Lupa attended in Copenhague.

On their webpage you can find a large resource database with activities, videos, manuals, lesson plans, articles, books and other types of texts to guide and inspire anyone working on human rights education: