Another of the Council of Europe‘s publications that we find useful and inspiring is this cookbook.
As explained in the preface, it is  “a selection of recipes illustrating the projects funded by the European Youth Foundation in the framework of the “All Different – All Equal” European Youth Campaign for Diversity, Human Rights and Participation 2006-2007″.

The book contains some examples of the projects and activities that were supported by the Council of Europe, and invites the reader to get to know different possibilities on how to approach the different topics (diversity, human rights, participation) and to take action. At the end there is a list with contact details of all the 365 projects that can be found in the book, if you wish to involved with them directly.

Using the simile of the cookbook, this means the division of the projects presented is done by having them in groups of tapas, first courses, main courses or desserts.

“Its recipes are meant for all those who believe in diversity, tolerance and participation. It is meant for people who enjoy all kinds of food, but refuse to be fed lies. It is meant for all those who do not mind the heat and have no intention to stay out of the kitchen.”

(All Different – All Equal Cookbook, European Youth Foundation)