Time flies and soon Con Lupas are going to meet again in Medellín, Colombia. Before leaving Bergen we decide to organized a Con Lupa Goodbye party!

For the party we decided to put a lot of candles to create a cosy atmosphere, Christmas music, a slideshow with photos that we took during our 4 months in Bergen, a quiz to create a little competition and off course porridge and hot chocolate. We had a great time!

Things that we are going to miss of Bergen or Norway (just to put some they are a lot!)
– The change in weather
– The fresh air
– The taste of the tap-water
– The Fjords and the lakes all around the Country
– The Brown cheese, the bread, the berries
– The people that we met

Right now we are looking forward to arrive to Medellín, where we are going to live together, we are going to experience a different weather and a different culture (Medellín is known as the land of the eternal spring, lets see!), we are going to eat arepas, beans, and a lot of fruits and juices. We are excited to see how CISV Colombia and Medellin chapter operates and to start working with their members.

Thanks to the members of Cisv Norway, Hordaland chapter and Bergen chapter and the people we met outside Cisv for these four months of sharing with us.