The alarm began to sound at five o’clock in the morning, no one wanted to wake up. It was too early for the usual time, but we had to arrive at 7am to Itagüí, so we couldn’t be lazy more time.

At 7am Jorge, Nolberto and Isabel of Conconcreto Foundation were waiting for us to start our trip to Bolombolo. Conconcreto Foundation has a program called Semilleros in which they work with kids of low-income areas around Medellín. The kids study during morning or afternoon hours and one day per week they have during their free time the Semilleros, a workshop where they learn moral values ​​and principles for their live. Starting since they have 8 to 9 years old to 18 years old, they grown with tools to create a positive environment for the others.

But, Why Con Lupa ended in Bolombolo with Conconcreto Foundation?…..

We met them because the office of Con Lupa in Medellin is located in the office of Conconcreto Foundation. The people that work with the Foundation have been so nice to us, sharing the place with us, making us part of the office. They invited us to be part of one of their Semilleros in Bolombolo. We are happy working there because we are learning about workshops and children education with experts.

We got on the car of Jorge and Nolberto, they drove to Bolombolo a small town located 2 hours from Medellín at the shores of Cauca River. In Bolombolo the Conconcreto Foundation do one of its Semilleros and they invited Con Lupa to be part of two workshops. 100 kids participate in the workshop.

We arrived at 9am and the children of the morning session were waiting anxiously for the workshop, they were surprised of finding new faces. The participants of the morning session were young; they had between 7 to 10 years old. First they introduced us the workshop: the children told us what they learned last year at the Semilleros, What values they learned? I learned from them several things, one of which is that resilience is the ability to take difficult situations and overcome them.

Con Lupa did with the kid small activities (that we called in CISV energizers) for children to release energy and focus in the main activity. The main activity was about doing a handbook with rules of how you have to behave in the Semillero. The kids were in charge of saying the rules for the handbook by throwing a ball. The kid that had the ball has to thrown it to other kid and said a rule and the kid that received the ball had to throw it to other kid and said another rule. When all the kids said a rule, they read the rules and the kids accept the handbook, signing and putting their hands (with paint) in the paper where the students handbook were wrote. After the activity the kids receive a snack and run to their houses to have lunch and go to the school that start at 2pm.

While the afternoon workshop beginning Nolberto was our guide tour in Bolombolo, we walked around the main square and surrounding streets. The small town has been flooded several times because it is next to the Cauca River and when it rains the river rises. When this happens the people will have to move of their homes because the river covers them. Bolombolo is a low-income small town, that lives of informal jobs and across it passes one of the most important roads of Antioquia. As we decided to walk around the town at 12m the heat was not normal for us. Andrea was happy with the warm weather but Jonas, Adelaida and I not that much. After the walk we had lunch and when we finished it was time for the next workshop, this time arrived kids between 9 to 14 years.

The afternoon session was very similar to the morning one, the children also created the students handbook. The most interesting part for me during the workshop was when the children began to ask questions about Norway to the Norwegians. They were shocked because the Norwegians eat whale, they found that the Norwegian language sounds so different from our language, they didn’t know that the Norwegians lived with temperatures below freezing and that Norway is that far that you need to take a plane to go there.

Go to Bolombolo was an amazing experience, having the opportunity to meet the children, hear their questions, see how they respond; sharing with them and with the people of the foundation one day was priceless. We hope that during the days the Con Lupa is going to be in Medellin we have the opportunity to go to another workshop with the foundation.