The Slavery Footprint webpage was started by director Justin Dillon (CALL+RESPONSE) and the U.S State Department, with the intention of creating an opportunity for everyone to discover their connection to modern-day slavery. It was launched in September 2011 and has become very popular by simply asking:
How many slaves work for you?
You can then either take the tour and/or find out about the aim and history of slavery footprint and what slavery is and means to the world today.
Although at first sight it might seem like a giant guilt-trip as to how much we buy and consume without questioning, the true aim according to slavery footprint team, is to create greater awareness of labour conditions in the world and to encourage you and me to demand more details about where the products we buy come from, to demand better working conditions and salaries for workers everywhere and to do our part to end all forms of modern-day slavery.

As they rightly put it: “Abolition leaves no room for compromise”.

“You are the generation to end slavery.
Lets get slavery out of our system.
Find out how your life can be used to change the world.
Get your footprint and make some noise.”

How many salves work for you?