During the 2nd and the 3rd of March Con Lupa went to a Minicamp with Cisv Medellín kids and leaders in La Estrella. It was a strange minicamp for me, because it was the first time that I went to a minicamp with 23 leaders and 23 kids – one leader per kid –  usually you see more kids than leaders.

We arrived at La Estrella around 9:30 am and our day full of activities began. We had a couple of name games and different energizers before lunch. The weather was sunny and warm, so we had the opportunity to use water in some activities.

For lunch we ate hot dog, chips and coke, great combo for kids!

In the afternoon Javier, the Step up coordinator, did an activity for kids and leaders that are going to go to a Step Up program this summer. He did one activity on Saturday and one on Sunday as a part of the training for that program. It was a great activity, one of the things that I like the most about CISV is all you learn from the kids, even the smaller ones can surprise you.

After Javier’s activity Con Lupa did an activity about Human Rights. With the kids and leaders divided into groups according to their age, we worked around the idea of what you need to be the person you are, and related these different points with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our activity wasn’t the only one about Human Rights we also had two other different activities about the theme one was about creating a story or a play about a right and the other one was a simulation activity with different roles, and depending of your role you have to do different things.

During the evening Cisv Medellin accept the Harlem shake challenge of Jacksonville JB and we did a Harlem shake, the kids created different customs and we had a great time together!

Before sleep time we had lullabies as in cisv camps; during lullabies we sang together cisv songs after a day with many activities, as a way of closure a nice day and bounding the group.

On Sunday we had more activities, Javier ended his Step up activity, we had another Human Right activity, we created a short clip about one Right of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and we did more energizers. The time passed so fast during the weekend, the minicamp was great and we met nice people from Medellin chapter. It was a surprise for me that I saw again four kids that one year ago were part of a Youth Meeting program in Bogotá where I was staff.