Since I did the Seminar Camp Staff TRaining in 2009, I had always wanted to do the TTT (Train the trainers) training. Finally last month we had the chance to go to Dallas, Texas, and get the trainers certification.

It is a training designed to improve the abilities of those working in all kinds of training within CISV (it also helps for your life outside CISV). The training is held by highly qualified CISVers that go through a selection process, so you can imagine how amazing this experience can be. These are the contents of the course:

  • Creating a postive learning environment
  • Self-awareness and personal development
  • Group development and group dynamics
  • Collaboration in training teams and beyond
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Peace education and active global citizenship
  • CISV educational approach
  • Designing a training session
  • Approaches to delivering training
  • Preparation and facilitation for training practice
  • CISV international: the big picture
  • Self-evaulation and action planning

It was truly an amazing experience, the training is really well planned and our trainers (Mark, Mim and Mae) did an outstanding job. If you ever get the change to join a TTT, don’t doubt it for a second. To me, this is a big step towards making CISV more professional and improve the quality of its facilitators. One day I’d like to contribute in designing a series of even more advanced trainings for trainers in CISV.

 I still remember that day in Bergen when we had to decide which of us were going to Dallas and who had the chance to go to El Salvador (you know, with the beach and the latino feeling and all). Well, Andrea and I got to go to Dallas so we could then go to the Andinos workshop (which was at the same time as the RTF in El Salvador. There will be a blogpost about it)…it was the best choice!. These two trainings really made me fall in love with CISV again, we got to meet very very interesting people and we learned a lot. It was fun but it was very challenging as well. We were the youngest participants, as well as the least experienced, but everyone was very supportive. In the end we held a successful training session about human rights with the people taking TTT and the Risk Management training. It was a completely new experience for us because we hadn’t worked with adults so far. Fortunately they had an amazing attitude and were really engaged in the discussions. They really made us feel that what we are doing makes a lot of sense! In case you are interested, the training session will be posted on our webpage soon, as well as a simulation activity we did at Andinos.

(By the way, taking the TTT at the same time as Mr. President of CISV International, Brett Vottero, was, well, a privilege…but also a bit intimidating at first. We must confess we really didn’t know who he was until the second day…we thought he was joking when he presented himself as the president of CISV. He is a great guy!)

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