This is a short introduction to my world of food for the last three months. A world I have thoroughly enjoyed!

I very quickly integrated myself into the Colombian eating culture. Strange things happened too, I started eating breakfast, something I very rarely would make the effort to do in Norway. A reason for this I think is the amazing, yet very simple, arepa. Made out of corn flour, this little flat pancake/tortilla-looking thing makes for a great start of the day. Accompanied with butter, salt and cream cheese it serves as a very quick’n easy breakfast!


Another favorite of mine is the empanada! I have had people laughing of me during lunch time ever since we arrived in Colombia. I still do not see why eating empanadas for lunch is wrong though. They are delicious, fatty and crispy. Add some ‘aji picante’ and you have an amazing meal. Best part is that we have several empanada stalls right outside our office – my favorite so far; ‘Empanadas Inteligentes’


Even though the empanadas are my preferred lunch, I have on multiple times succumbed to pressure and gone for the legendary ‘bandeja paisa’. This dish is a regional pride and provides you with the following, all on one plate: Rice, beans, eggs, sausage, plantain, a symbolic salad, chicharron and arepa. The amounts are stupendous so wait until you finish it before you order a dessert. If you are ready for it the ‘obleas’ are a popular choice. The oblea is a very thin, light, brown wafer. Normally it will be served with the Colombian caramel-like ‘arequipe’.

As my fellow Con Lupas would confirm, I have also become somewhat addicted to the Colombian sodas. First, they have very easy and meaningful names. Second, they taste like candy. The most common one is ‘Colombiana’, then ‘Manzana’ and ‘Uva’, which translates to ‘Colombian’, ‘Apple’ and ‘Grape’. Also, the juices are out of this world! The maracuyá juice (passion fruit) goes wonderfully with the arepas at breakfast time.


Lots of things has not been mentioned. The Ajiaco – a fantastic chicken soup. The fresh-pressed limonadas. The exotic fruits; granadilla, lulo and mora.

The last four weeks will be all about enjoying the Colombian cuisine to the fullest. Pretty soon I will be back in Norway, don’t get me wrong, going home will be nice, but I am not completely ready to swap the Colombian eating habits with the Norwegian. I do look forward to the ice cream and soggy hot dogs to be consumed on our national day the 17th of May, one day after my return. However, on any other given day, I would choose the arepa over bread with cheese, the empanadas over the dull bowl of muesli and the bandeja paisa over the non-existent Norwegian lunch platter. The fresh-pressed limonada over the carton of imported juice, the ‘manzana’ soda over Coca Cola and the granadilla over the usual banana. Ay Colombia.


(All pictures were found through Google)