On April 20th we invited everyone in CISV Medellín to a Human Rights Day with Con Lupa. In the weeks prior to the event people were told to register so that we could have some idea about how many would show up. A few days before we could count around 15 participants so it was to our great surprise that we in the end received the double amount of participants, around 30 people showed up!

Our group was rather diverse as well. There were parents, leaders, juniors and kids. Fortunately we had prepared our activities with this in mind and the evaluation of the day gave us the feeling that we indeed must have done something right.

We started off by welcoming everyone before we had a round of names. Our first activity challenged the participants to think about what human rights mean to them. What is the first thing you think about? What du you associate with human rights? The activity was inspired by an activity held by the Danish Institute for Human Rights that Con Lupa attended last November. After each group had made their poster with associations they were asked to present them as a short dramatisation after which a discussion followed. It was really nice to see the very diverse groups work together. Even the parents were taking the floor and using their acting skills!

Next was a presentation of the Con Lupa project as well as an introduction to the work of CISV with regards to human rights education. With great help from especially one of the kids we also had a good discussion!

There are few CISV-days without snack time, we made no exception! Soda, juice, chips and biscuits were handed out for some 15 minutes of mingling and relaxing before we started the last of the day’s activities ‘Human Rights in the News’.

In groups, the participants were given a number of newspapers and told to look for stories, pictures and advertisements that could be related to human rights. Some had to look for rights being enforced, others for rights being violated and situations where rights were in conflict. Everyone did a great job and filled their posters with interesting cases. We then gave them a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and with it they had to match their cases with an article from the document. With this, another good discussion followed. The posters showed how human rights are present in our daily lives. The groups found lots of bad things happening in their society, but also positive cases where human rights were indeed enforced and protected. In essence the activity made us aware of how human rights plays a role in our society and not only as an abstract, philosophical concept.

After a short, inspiring, evaluation, the day was rounded off with Andrea’s wonderful Rain Clap.

Thank you CISV Medellín for a great day!